B.Rich Background

About B.Rich

Benjamin Rich, better known as B.Rich, is a hip-hop artist striving to make a name for himself and his small city of Akron, Ohio. Born and raised in the east side neighborhood known as Goodyear Heights, the home of Goodyear world headquarters, B.Rich graduated from East High School in 2007. He grew up playing baseball in the area and earned several scholarship offers to play on the college level. Unfortunately his girlfriend committed suicide when he was 16 years old which lead B.Rich to a road of trouble. He lost his scholarships, and was forced to serve 10 months in a maximum security juvenile prison. After this series of set backs and unexpected turns, B.Rich was led to creating his own music.
He began in 2010 with another rapper named Young Man. The two dropped their first collaborative project “Barney and Friends” early 2010. Later that year B.Rich and Young Man dropped their second project “Spy vs. Spy”. When B.Rich grew more serious and progressed as an artist he realized he need to embark on the solo road. In early 2011, B.Rich dropped his first solo project “Higher Learning” which helped establish his name as a solo artist.
Later in 2011, after spending 110 days in the orianna house, B.Rich found more success in his second solo project “Focused Living Young’. After debuting the mixtape, as well as several videos for songs from the project, B.Rich joined a tour with Chevy Woods, another tour with Juicy J, another tour with Machine Gun Kelly and also performed at several showcases at South by Southwest in 2012. He then came with his third solo project titled “Maxine Place”, which released September 2012 on Datpiff.com. The project was hosted by Coast 2 Coast, which helped B.Rich gain exposure throughout the country. In the summer of 2013, B.Rich followed up with Maxine Place 2, which was also hosted by Coast 2 Coast mixtapes. B.Rich continues to grow as a person and an artist, doing tours, festivals, showcases and building his catalog. He strives on making it through adversity and hopes to inspire others by telling his story.

Look for B.Rich to be a new face in the music industry in the years to come!
Follow on Twitter @FlyestWhiteGuy. For booking contact: BookBRich@Gmail.com

About 2Focused LivingYoung®

Formed in 2010, 2FocusedLivingYoung® was created by B.Rich.  “2F.L.Y is for me and my team as well as anyone who supports me and my dreams. It’s also a lifestyle focused on positivity and progression, a strong ambition to succeed and hard work all while kickin it hard and having a good time, doing what you want, staying true to you, and always stayin in some fly ass gear.”

– 2Focused LivingYoung is a registered trademarked by B.Rich

  • B.Rich – Artist/Producer/Founder (@FlyestWhiteGuy)
  • Nathan Doutt – Producer/Engineer/Guitarist (@NathanDoutt)
  • Curt Cox – Management/Promotions (@_TheCurtCox_)
  • G Frank – Promotions/Street Team (@G_Frank4)
  • Casper – Promotions/Street Team (@Caspiano2FLY)

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